The Island of Hydra
These days the island is populated by cats and donkeys and mules and horses  and yet more cats. The fortunes of the islanders inhabitants, both human and animal,  have fluctuated over the years. Spectacularly successful in the 18th century as a  shipbuilding and seafaring community Hydra had a population larger than that of  Athens at the time. It played a vital role in Greece’s War of Independence in the early  19th Century. Later its economy was focused, for a while, on sponge-fishing, before  tourism became the dominant economic force. The island has produced many famous  figures - including heroes of the War of Independence - Prime Ministers of the  independent country and many renowned 20th and 21st Century artists. 
                 As you are looking at this website, dedicated to paintings and drawings about  Hydra, it is very likely that you already know a lot about the island. A Greek island of  exceptional qualities, Hydra has appealed to hundreds of artists, poets, writers and  musicians over the years, many of them very well-known. Although it is now very  dependent on tourism and celebrity visitors for its economic good fortune, there are  still times of year when the full majesty of both its rugged natural beauty and of its  remarkable architecture can still be fully appreciated. 
Hydra Paintings